Snowy days and snow days


I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, where we averaged 20-30 snow days per school year. As a student, this delighted me; for my mom, as a teacher, these disruptions to the regular flow of the school week were dismaying. We always kept a good pile of books at home, just in case those snowy days came along!

Living in a relatively flat part of Colorado, the snow days don't pile up quite as often as they did where I was growing up. But we also get more blizzard-like conditions, cutting visibility to nil, and causing drifts that turn my long driveway into an obstacle course.

In the past couple of weeks, we have had a variety of storms to challenge our best winter driving skills. The first storm brought 5-8 inches with no wind. For the second storm, the winds picked up, but accumulation was not as significant. The third storm, which apparently didn't show up on any weather radars, turned out to be the worst of them all, bringing several inches of snow and winds that swirled that snow everywhere.

Through each of these storms, your libraries remained open as much as they could, a fact that surprised even me on some days. I am, after all, quite a winter driving wimp. I have a long driveway and no plow — I rely on the kindness of my neighbors and a shovel as last resort. Trust me, there is nothing I would rather do on a snowy day than curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book in my hands and my dogs at my feet!

But we know that on those same snowy days, you might have some errands that cause you to brave the storm anyway. And if you're going to be out, why not stop by the library and check out a book or two or 10, depending on the forecast? Or pick up a couple movies for an impromptu family movie night while the snow falls gently outside your window — or the wind howls and swirls the snow.

We want everyone to stay safe and warm during our winter storms, but if you do decide to get out and enjoy the winter wonderland, stop by the library to warm up, chat with a librarian, and pick up something to entertain you through the cold days of winter.

Some storms are too bad even for your libraries to open, so if you're not sure if we will be open, call the library before you head out. We will also post closures on our website and Facebook pages. And if you'd just rather stay home on a snowy day, remember that you can download e-books, audio books and videos directly from our web page — go to the Overdrive link to browse our selections.

Stay warm, and enjoy our Colorado winter into spring storms!

Kari May lives in Elizabeth and is the Director of the Elbert County Library District. She can be contacted through the library at Visit the library at


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