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Letter to the editor

Questions for Congress


Congressman Mike Coffman,

I have so many questions. Not just for you, but all so-called representatives. As you are the duly sworn representative of this district, would you mind answering a few questions?

Why should we, as a representative of the people, vote for you or any other politician? Why should we vote for representation at all? I only ask this question as it seems that most congressional representatives fail to represent the people that elect them into office. It is not just limited to partisan politics, but the entire system of the U.S. government lately.

Why do we currently have a star chamber and what is its purpose that is the FISA court? Why the secrecy and lack of accountability? Does the sitting government fear its people? What can you do about the rising concerns of an increasingly paramilitary citizen police force? What is the purpose of using a SWAT team to serve warrants for non-violent offenders? Is it control of the populace? It should be known that there are more U.S. citizens killed by police than from foreign or domestic terrorism.

I never agreed with the implementation of the Patriot Act. The name itself sounds so patriotic, but it is nothing of the sort and is very antithetical to the entire U.S. ideology.
Why do corporate interests seem more important than citizen interests to all politicians? Does the common citizen that does donate to a campaign have any voice anymore?
Sorry for all the questions. I just don’t feel represented by anyone anymore except Google, Microsoft, Apple, Comcast and all of the rest of the megalopolies.

Hoping for change that I will most likely never see,
Steven Stormo


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