Elizabeth will have new mayor in 2023

Trustee Nick Snively chosen by colleagues

Elizabeth Board of Trustees member Nick Snively is the town’s mayor-elect and will become mayor on Jan. 1, 2023.
At the Sept. 13 Board of Trustees meeting, members voted to declare candidates elected and cancel the Nov. 8 election. This is a common practice for small towns when candidates run unopposed. The motion passed unanimously, 6-0, making Snively the mayor-elect. In addition to the position of mayor, Loren Einspahr and Tammy Payne were named as trustees-elect.
Mayor-elect Snively joined the town’s leadership on May 10 as a new Board of Trustees member, filling the vacant seat left by the resignation of Ron Weaver. Snively is 42 years old, has three children, and has been married for 18 years. Originally from a small town in Southern California, Snively has lived in Colorado for over 10 years.
Snively has a master’s degree in public administration and an undergraduate degree in management with minors in U.S. history and religious studies. He has worked in project management for the past 15 years in various industries including healthcare, finance, and higher education.
One of Snively’s core values is communication and building a stronger relationship between the Town of Elizabeth leadership and the townspeople.
“I am exceedingly passionate about communication and relationships,” said Snively. “These things only work if both parties are engaged in the process.”
Snively answered questions from the Elbert County News on Oct. 26.

How does it feel to be selected as mayor-elect for the Town of Elizabeth?

It is both humbling and a bit surreal. Elizabeth has some amazing opportunities in front of it as well as a number of large challenges to work through. We have an incredible town staff and wonderful community. I am excited and look forward to working with everyone.

What are your goals for the town?

I feel very strongly in my role as a representative for both the citizens of the Town of Elizabeth and of the Board of Trustees. In that, I want to focus heavily on building relationships within the community to ensure people’s voices are being heard and creating transparent communication. In my experience there is always a gap (for various reasons) between local government and the community and while I may not completely alleviate that gap, I want to have the greatest impact I can there. In my opinion, that will trump any specific agenda items that come our way over the next few years as that relationship between town and representatives will guide everything else.

Is there an event or Elizabeth tradition that you’re most excited to be a part of?

The Mayor’s Tree Lighting is a great community event as is the Historic Walk and Talk. It was great to see so many people turn out to learn about the roots of the town and walk down Main Street together. Outside of that, while this isn’t specifically a “town” event, the Elizabeth Stampede is something our family has been going to since we moved to Colorado over a decade ago and is always a good time.

Do you have any fears or concerns about your new position?

I think fears and concerns are a normal part of any change. Within any position where decisions are being made you are going to make some people happy, while some people won’t be. I want to make sure we are engaging with the community to hear all perspectives before moving forward on something. I am always more than happy to grab some coffee with anyone to chat through concerns and fears in greater detail as well.

How does your family feel? Are they excited? Nervous?

My wife is incredibly supportive. She is the main reason I felt confident enough to put myself out there for this. While my three kids are also all very supportive, my middle daughter just wants to know two things: 1) can she introduce herself as the “Mayor’s Daughter” and 2) Will this allow me to get out of traffic tickets. The police chief has assured me that it will not!
To learn more about the Town of Elizabeth Board of Trustees, visit townofelizabeth.org/bt.
Nick Snively, Elizabeth, Elbert County, Colorado


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