Mom of 10 is pro football player

Christie Duffy of Elizabeth tackles life on and off the field

Christie Duffy and her wife Maggie Duffy have been involved with Women’s Professional Tackle Football since 2011. Most recently, Christie Duffy signed with the DC Divas last autumn.
A 35-year-old resident of Elizabeth, Christie Duffy balances being a mother of 10 children while still making time to try out and play for the women’s professional football team.
“My daughter became really fascinated with football and she and I started following Lois Cook, one of the DC Divas, on TikTok,” explained Duffy. “After a lot of engagement on and off social media, several of the DC Divas encouraged me to try out for the team. My wife, Maggie, also heavily encouraged me to play. So, I packed my bags, flew to D.C., and tried out for the team.”
Shortly after her tryout, Duffy was offered a position on the 2022 DC Divas roster. She is currently training for the offensive line, both center and right guard.
The DC Divas are a part of the Women’s Football Alliance and are in the National Conference and Northeast Region of the Women’s Professional Division. There are 67 teams nationwide spanning three divisions.
The mission of the DC Divas is to continue to level the playing field for girls and women in sports. Their organization teaches women life lessons through sport while improving their physical and mental health and provides a powerful and positive example to the next generation of young women and girls.
“I enjoy being a part of the DC Divas because when I joined, it immediately felt like family. The goals and desires to grow as a team and unit are evident and can be felt when the women are all together,” said Duffy. “Women supporting women, having a common goal, and the sense of teamwork is amazing.”
Like Duffy, many of the DC Divas players are mothers. Being surrounded by strong mothers and athletes constantly encourages Duffy to pursue her dreams and goals of playing professional football.
Christie and Maggie Duffy have 10 children, eight of whom are adopted from foster care. All 10 children are under the age of 7. “Juggling being a professional athlete and mother of 10 comes with its challenges,” said Duffy. “But I have the best support system and it has allowed me to feel confident in my role on and off the field.”
Raising girls who play football and playing football herself, Duffy is passionate about reaching more girls and women who are interested in the great sport of football.
Growing up, Christie was interested in wrestling, football, and water polo, traditionally male-dominated sports. Though she had an encouraging family, she found very little support and opportunity within her school system. As an adult, she’s also had struggles like facing a lot of sexism and discrimination online for being a female football player.
“We often get trolled on social media with comments like, 'you belong in the kitchen,' said Duffy. “Comments like this add fuel to my fire. I work harder to prove that women deserve equality when it comes to athletic opportunities.”
Four of the Duffy children play football, including two of their daughters, Charlie (5) and Kyle (7). Christie and Maggie Duffy continue to support their daughters in their new football endeavors and continue to support equality on the field.
“It’s nice to see two young lady athletes want to compete and want to play the same game I love and competed at. You don’t treat them differently and don’t give them special treatment. Girls want to be just like any other player out there,” said Coach Jacob Westhoven of the Parker Patriots youth athletics organization. “They just want to play, so let them play. If you are a good coach, you can coach anyone. I have coached multiple young ladies in this sport and to be honest, some of my girls had more heart than most of the boys, and less fear too.”
Duffy says that her young daughters have also faced adversity from their peers about their choice to play football.
“Charlie (5) has unfortunately been told that football isn’t for girls by her peers,” said Duffy. “But with her big sister out there with her on the field, her moms on the sidelines, and the entire DC Divas team on her side, she knows that she is capable of great things in the sport.”
Duffy is looking forward to a fun, rewarding rookie season and hopes to help the team on their road championships in Canton, Ohio. ESPN will televise the National Championship on July 10.
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