Patricia Kummer
Financial Strategies

A look at planning in the post-election period

The election is finally over, and we have a few short weeks to finish any 2020 planning strategies before the New Year. As of this writing, some states are still counting votes, but with the majority …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Seems like the future wasn’t worth the wait

Wanting an additional serving of “thin gruel,” plucky parish workhouse resident Oliver Twist pleaded “Please, sir, I want some more.” To paraphrase the indigent lad, “Please, sir, I don’t …
Coming Attractions

43rd Denver Film Fest builds community from Red Rocks and home

If you love movies, there’s no way your home setup is going to replace the experience of the theater, if for no other reason than there’s something special about sharing a cinematic experience …
Winning Words

We can handle whatever happens next

In the words of Forrest Gump: “My mom always said that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The one thing that separates a good movie or mystery from a great …

Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Looking down at someone to be looked up to

Looking down from the second level inside the Aurora Mall 35 years ago, I saw an older man, mid-60s, walking alone and unnoticed. He wasn’t hurrying but showed no signs of impairment. He was …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Elect Kellner district attorney

Elect Kellner district attorney For months, the news has been about America’s cities burning and violent protesters destroying storefronts, trashing minority neighborhoods and businesses, and …

Letter to the editor: Craig Marshall Smith column was a keeper

Column was keeper I frequently want to write to thank Craig Marshall Smith for saying, so much better, what I think. Today is the day. When I read his column about driving in our current world I …

Letter to the editor: Silent Gardner should speak up

Silent Gardner should speak up Senator Cory Gardner has been rather noisy lately. Noisy about meeting with start-ups in Colorado Springs, health centers in Grand Junction (as he supports the lawsuit …

Letter to the editor: Add air quality to the fight

Add air quality to the fight The current fight for Black Lives Matter make it impossible to ignore systemic inequity in our communities. As part of this awakening we must also acknowledge that …

Letter to the editor: Gardner's bipartisan bonafides

Gardner's bipartisan bonafides Most of us agree that our country is sorely needing more bipartisan, constructive dialogue and cooperation these days. Senator Cory Gardner embodies this much-needed …
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